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Ideas of the Decade

December 11, 2014

Discursive Possession

Wendy Laura Belcher

Discursive possession is a new model of European authorial agency in the colonial and postcolonial context. Rather than positing European authors as masters deliberately selecting delicacies from the smorgasbord of the exotic other, the model imagines European texts and authors as experiencing discursive possession by the other.

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March 9, 2014

Comparative Literature and the Environmental Humanities

Ursula K. Heise

Environmental literary studies have become increasingly international and comparatist over the last decade. But telling the story of ecocriticism as the victory of comparatism and transnational collaboration over anglo parochialism can take on overtones of disciplinary turf war and triumphalism as easily as of deepened knowledge. There are more interesting stories to tell about the encounter of comparative literature with ecocriticism – stories that challenge literary studies in their usual form: most importantly, the challenge of nonfiction, the challenge of the environmental humanities as a transdisciplinary matrix, and the challenge of the Anthropocene in its tension with posthumanism.

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